a hope for home

a hope for home

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codypowell asked: Hey guys. Just wanted to know what pedals you are using on your boards?

oh some spacey ones and some squiggly ones and thats about it

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elliottmillercheckit asked: Do you think you guys would be able to do another dvd/documentary with this next release? And are you guys apposed to playing in central Illinois anytime soon or down the road?

Because we aren’t touring anymore, a goal going forward has always been to create extra content with whatever we do going forward to try and compensate for not being a full-time band anymore. So, without promising anything formally, yeah, we are thinking of something along those lines for the next record.

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imapsychowoah asked: Can I just express how bad I want to see Realis performed in it's entirety? And how sad it makes me knowing that may never happen? You dudes rule, though.

Thanks! We’ve seriously always wanted to something like that. You never know!

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oieusouobixo asked: I know this kind of question sucks, but do you guys still identify with the Christian ideology?

It does suck, but that’s okay. The six of us are all different people.

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Anonymous asked: No Facedown Fest? You weren't listed on the bill, but it said that all active Facedown bands would be playing so...

We couldn’t make it down to California with school, and work, and weddings, and all the other myriad things we have. But most importantly, we realized it would probably distract us from writing our record, which is the one thing we are trying to focus on more than shows, or this festival, or label this or whatever.

But to be honest, we’ve never really fit in all that well at Facedown Fest, and it’s always turned into a debate between playing stuff that will at least make it seem like we fit on the same bill and just doing whatever we want because we are stubborn. Last year, we went with the latter, and 1,996 people suddenly remembered they had to be up early the next morning and fell asleep, while 4 people were mildly let down that we played the slow songs instead of the heavier ones. So there’s that.

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Hello everyone. You all probably forgot you were following us—or that we even existed. HA. Well so did we.

A lot has happened in the AHFH camp since we put out In Abstraction last December, pretty much none of which has anything to do with being in a band. Eric and Nathan got married, Tanner boarded about 796,000 flights to play music with other people and see his girlfriend on the East Coast, Dan got super old, Lance seemingly spent every weekend climbing some mountain and drinking wine in Iceland, and I made a bunch of dumb movies for school.

But the itch to play music again has been slowly germinating in all of us, even though I, at least, have played my guitar (maybe?) three times since February. So we’ve decided that the absolute best thing we can do to make sure we get another record going is to publicly say that we’ve started work on A HOPE FOR HOME ALBUM #5 (even though we haven’t). So hold us to it. Deal?

In all seriousness, plans for another record are underway. We are excited to share something with all of you again, even though we have absolutely no idea what it’s going to end up being. I’m going to do my best to update our progress on our various social networking sites, but you all know that that usually ends up being two months of boring pictures of shoes and empty beer bottles at practice, four months of radio silence, and then eventually a new record in tow. So, whatever.


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Anonymous asked: You guys trying to play the Fest orrrrrrr


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Quick vid of our first two songs at Facedown Fest if you missed it (Weaved/Fire:Spread and Tides)